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May. 26th, 2016 01:11 am
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OOC Information

Player: Ni
Contact Information: [plurk.com profile] papirini; cookirini @ AIM


Canonpoint: Post-The Rebellion Story
Age: ~14
Wish: I wish to understand where my true purpose lies.
Result: Madoka's Soul Gem and original magical girl abilities and powers were restored to her, along with the ability to inspire hope, as she did when she was complete as the Law of Cycles. She was also granted her true memories, albeit they will slowly return to her; her first recalled memory was that of the heaven created by her true wish.
Weapon: The Rose Bow.


» Weapon Summon: Rose Bow: The ability to summon the Rose Bow. When it is dormant, the flower on top is closed; when being uses, the flower will open, and also give off pink flames of energy. Her default finishing move with the bow is "Finitora Freccia", a single, powered-up arrow. She also has a more powerful variant where the powered-up arrow explodes into multiple arrows. As of May 2016, Madoka can now fire a Homing Arrow, which will always follow its target, regardless of whether the arrow actually ends up hitting it or not. As of January 2017, Madoka has the ability to use a powerful finishing move, "Finitora Freccia Ultima", which summons a large sigil with rains down multiple arrows on a much wider field than before.
» Empathic Enhancement: Healing Hope: Madoka, befitting her true identity as the embodiment of hope, can inspire hope in others, make people feel better when they are down, and raise the power levels in others around her in battle as a result of her inspiration and presence. Since February 2016, this power is also capable of healing injuries in battle, up to the level of sprained and pulled muscles. She herself can briefly enhance her own powers and heal herself, through the strength of her own hope.
» Despair Absorption, Level 1: Just as she could as the Law of Cycles, Madoka can now absorb the despair from the Soul Gems of other magi, and take it into her own Soul Gem. However, this greatly accelerates the darkening of her own Soul Gem.
» Accelerated Healing: As of October 2016, Madoka can accelerate the effect of her healing magic, once in battle. This accelerated healing cannot be used on herself.
» Rosa Bambola, Level 2 - A duplication power which allows Madoka to summon and control a decoy of herself to send into a battle, primarily as a distraction for the enemy. This duplicate (which would look like what is pictured in the icon) has no powers and abilities. At base power, she can only summon one decoy that is easily destroyed in one hit. At level 2, she can summon either 1 decoy killable in two hits, or two decoys both killable in one. She can use this power a maximum of once before she is unable to use her magic in a battle.


» Memory 1: She's certain they were magi. All of them female, all of them so happy to see her. Some were girls whose names were known in the annals of history. Others are girls no one else knows. Past, present and future, these girls converge towards Madoka. But why?
» Memory 2: Spinning into infinity, over and over. The most powerful of Nightmares, like a fool who spins continuously in circles. A moving stage construction. How many times has Madoka witnessed this monster's carnage?
» Memory 3: That's right. Homura saved her from a Nightmare that had attacked her school. They existed in her world. But she'd been a normal girl. And before she, Sayaka and Hitomi could reach Homura, something plunged into her torso...
» Memory 4: "Sounds good to me!" That had been what Kyouko said when Madoka spoke of hope in that room. Why had she said those things? How many times had she said it? Where had they both been when she'd spoken those words?


Backtagging is all right. Fourth-walling, violence, or shipping, please let me know before doing it and I'll let you know if its ok to do.

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